The practice of yoga induces a primary sense of measure and proportion...

Reduced to our own body, our first instrument, we learn to play it, drawing from it maximum resonance and harmony.~Yehudi Menuhin, violinist

Yoga class will be offered this week on Monday evening, July 19, at 7:30 in the clubhouse. Restore, re-energize and rejuvenate with yoga!

Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

Benefits of Half Moon Pose:
*Improves balance
*Stretches and strengthens the spine
*Strengthens the abdominals, thighs, ankles and buttocks
*Relieves stress
*Tones the muscles of the lower back
*Helps relieve sciatica
*Improves digestion
*Relieves anxiety and fatigue

Let your movement express your life as you find graceful expansion, lightness and balance in Ardha Chandrasana!