On Sunday, December 9, Terra Yoga will be offering an ayurveda workshop with an emphasis on keeping you warm, grounded, nourished and joyful during the fall/winter season. The workshop will be held from 1 - 3 pm at Terra Yoga on Front Street in Issaquah (just south of Darigold) and will be taught by Bonnie Dike, Certified Yoga Instructor, E-RYT. Cost: $35 in advance ($40 day of) You may pre-register online at Terra-Yoga.com.


"The foundation of yoga should be ayurveda and the fruit of ayurveda should be yoga." ~Dr. Vasant Lad

Ayurveda, yoga's sister science and India's oldest system of medicine, is the science of living a healthy and balanced life by connecting with the seasons and the healing power of nature.

As autumn arrives in all of its splendor, unique challenges present themselves. Autumn's cool and dry characteristics are connected to the elements of air and space. The aspects of Vata dosha become prevalent, bringing out our creative and alert sides. However, when Vata is out of balance, we may feel restless, flighty, anxious and full of worry. Chapped lips, dry skin, constipation and colds are physical ailments caused by a disconnect with nature in fall/winter.

Ayurveda offers an array of helpful lifestyle and health tips for autumn, including suggestions for warming and grounding foods, herbs, teas, daily rituals, clothing, music, aromatherapy and yoga and exercise.

We will begin the workshop with a yoga sequence created to bring balance in preparation for fall. This practice will create a slower internal rhythm, allowing you the opportunity to turn inward while staying centered and grounded. When practiced regularly, a fall ayurvedic yoga practice will also keep your immune system healthy throughout the colder months.

Following our yoga practice, we will take a short and fun quiz to help you find your dosha. Ayurvedic recipes and rituals will be shared to help you learn how to live in optimal health. Finally, we will sample delicious local produce in a deeply satisfying kicharee, India's favorite comfort food, and sip a healing and healthful autumn tea.

Luxuriate into fall by embracing the ancient secrets of ayurveda!