Fall into autumn with yoga!

Yoga in Mirrormont classes will resume on Monday evening, September 13, at 7:30 in the clubhouse. Please bring a yoga mat (I have extras if needed), a light blanket and a bottle of water for hydration.


Fall is on its way and our yoga practice becomes more warming. Rooting our feet into the earth, holding our poses (asanas) a bit longer, backbends, extensions, arm balances and heating breaths help us stay grounded and keep our immune systems strong throughout the colder months ahead. We get to hold savasana (final resting pose) longer, too!

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga and the world's most ancient system of medicine, also recommends massaging the body daily with sesame oil, savoring warm breakfasts, stews and soups and getting plenty of sleep.

Enjoy your long Labor Day weekend! Shout-out to three amazing Patriot Football yogis: Kevin Ahrens, Alex Batali and Robbie Thomas! Go Patriots!!!